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    Leveragai’s Talent Experience Building Program is a unique opportunity for data science enthusiasts to gain real-world experience through hands-on projects and collaboration with companies seeking data-driven solutions. Participants work on two industry-specific projects to enhance their skills and prepare for their dream job.

    The Experience Building Program is at least 3-month program that offers empowering participants to thrive in the dynamic field of data science. However, it can be extended up to 9 months in 3-month increments.

    The program is open to data science enthusiasts with varying levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced data scientist looking to level up your skills, you are welcome to apply.

    To apply for the program, simply visit our website and fill out the application form. Once submitted, our team will review your application and get in touch with you for the next steps.

    Yes, you need to pass the online assessment before starting the Program. Online assessment consists of python-based coding questions, multi-choice machine learning question. This will be a 1-hour assessment. Once, you pass this step, you will have online interview with one of our team members. You can expect machine learning models questions. It will be a half an hour interview. When you clear these two stages, you will be ready to work on the projects. This step is completely free.

    Leveragai believes in accessibility and opportunity for all. Therefore, the Program has a one-time fee of $500. Irrespective of the time you spend in the Program, you just pay this one-time fee.

    Participants receive continuous support and guidance from experienced data scientists and mentors throughout the program. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and excel in your data science journey. You can consult them when you get stuck while working on your projects.

    Upon completing the program, participants gain valuable experience, industry connections, and the potential to secure internships or even full-time positions with our partner companies.

    Yes, if you are not matched with a company after you completed the two assigned projects, Leveragai pays your money back.

    The Importance of Hands-On Experience in Data Science Projects



    In the competitive field of data science, having hands-on experience is crucial for standing out from the crowd and landing lucrative job opportunities. While theoretical knowledge and academic qualifications are important, employers are increasingly looking for candidates who can demonstrate their skills through practical projects.

    Gaining hands-on experience in data science projects can be an invaluable asset for any aspiring data scientist. It gives professionals the opportunity to further develop their skillset and build a solid foundation for their work. Moreover, hands-on experience can help to bring a unique perspective to data science projects that can significantly enhance their career prospects. From understanding the fundamentals of data science and how to best deploy machine learning algorithms to utilizing data visualization techniques to gain insights, hands-on experience can help to elevate your skillset and make you a more competent professional. Ultimately, having hands-on experience in data science projects can provide many benefits for your career and help set you apart from the competition. In this article, we will explore the significance of hands-on experience in data science projects and how it can enhance your career prospects.

    The Changing Landscape of Data Science Jobs

    Data science has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, and the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 36% increase in the number of data scientist jobs between 2021 and 2031. With such fierce competition, it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on theoretical knowledge and academic credentials. Employers are seeking candidates who can apply their skills to real-world scenarios and deliver tangible results.

    The Value of Hands-On Experience

    Hands-on experience in data science projects offers several benefits that can significantly impact your career progression. Let’s explore some of the key advantages:

    1. Practical Application of Skills

    One of the primary advantages of hands-on experience is the opportunity to apply the skills and theoretical knowledge gained in a practical setting. By working on real-world projects, you can develop a deeper understanding of data science concepts and techniques. This practical application helps you bridge the gap between theory and practice, making you a more competent and confident data scientist. By making the connection between theory and practice, you are able to become a more capable and confident data scientist. Working on projects that apply to the real world will help you understand the true power of data science and its ability to help drive advancements in all fields. In other words, hands-on experience is key to becoming a proficient data scientist and should not be underestimated.

    2. Building a Strong Portfolio

    Creating a portfolio of data science projects is an effective way to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers. A well-curated portfolio demonstrates your ability to solve complex problems, work with different datasets, and deliver actionable insights. It serves as tangible evidence of your expertise and sets you apart from other candidates who may only have academic qualifications.

    Not only will a portfolio of data science projects show potential employers your knowledge and skill set, but it will also provide an insight into the type of worker they are looking to hire. Investing the time in creating a portfolio of data science projects can be an extremely rewarding journey, and will provide you with the competitive edge necessary to stand out from the crowd.

    3. Developing Problem-Solving Skills

    Data science projects often involve tackling real-world problems and finding innovative solutions. Through hands-on experience, you can enhance your problem-solving skills by analyzing data, identifying patterns, and deriving meaningful insights. This ability to approach complex problems strategically is highly valued by employers and can give you a competitive edge in the job market.

    4. Collaboration and Teamwork

    Working on data science projects often requires collaboration with cross-functional teams, including domain experts, data engineers, and business stakeholders. Hands-on experience provides an opportunity to develop effective communication and teamwork skills. Collaborating with others allows you to learn from their expertise, gain different perspectives, and improve your overall project management abilities.

    How to Gain Hands-On Experience in Data Science Projects

    Now that we understand the importance of hands-on experience, let’s explore some strategies to gain practical exposure in data science projects:

    1. Personal Projects

    Embarking on personal data science projects is a great way to develop your skills and build a portfolio. Identify a problem or area of interest, gather relevant datasets, and apply your knowledge to derive insights and create meaningful visualizations. This self-directed approach not only showcases your initiative but also allows you to explore topics that align with your interests.

    2. Open Source Contributions

    Contributing to open source data science projects is an excellent way to collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals and gain hands-on experience. By contributing code, documentation, or bug fixes, you can demonstrate your technical skills, learn from experienced practitioners, and build connections within the data science community.

    3. Kaggle Competitions

    Kaggle is a popular platform for data science competitions where participants can solve real-world problems and compete with other data scientists. Participating in Kaggle competitions provides valuable hands-on experience in working with diverse datasets, applying machine learning algorithms, and optimizing models. The competitive nature of Kaggle competitions also helps sharpen your problem-solving and analytical skills.

    4. Freelance Projects

    Consider taking up freelance data science projects to gain practical experience while working with real clients. Freelancing allows you to work on a variety of projects across different industries, exposing you to diverse datasets and business challenges. It also provides an opportunity to develop client management and project delivery skills, which are highly valued in the industry.


    In the competitive landscape of data science, hands-on experience in data science projects is essential for career advancement. Practical application of skills, building a strong portfolio, developing problem-solving abilities, and fostering collaboration are some of the key benefits of gaining hands-on experience. By embracing personal projects, contributing to open source initiatives, participating in Kaggle competitions, or taking up freelance opportunities, you can enhance your skills, showcase your expertise, and differentiate yourself in the job market. Remember, in the world of data science, experience speaks louder than words. 

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